Catherine Chase Jewelry

Catherine Chase Jewelry

Elegant jewelry with a spiritual purpose
Irene Rosencwaig

Irene Rosencwaig at Lluminaire Salon in Towson MD

Contact Irene for your hair styling needs, and never have a Bad Hair Day Again! One of the many yogic paths to Peace. To make an appointment, call the salon at 410.583.1500
Angie Hunt

Angie Hunt - Eyebrow Master Builder

Architectually shaping your brows to balance your face (and complete facials too, of course)

at All About Me in Towson, MD     Contact Angie Here!
Breathe Books

breathe books

Expand your breath with our Friends at breathe books
Books, Music, Workshops, Meditation and more
Susan Stern Life Coach

Susan Stern, CCPC

Personal Success Coach

Be Empowered, Be Extraordinary and Live Now! Susan works with individuals and businesses in creating clarity, balance and direction.
Barbara Morris Mandala

Mandala Painting Classes

Become an Artist (even if you never knew you already were one)
Cheryl and Gregory Oed

Cheryl Oed

Feng Shui Classes, Personal Charts, In Home Consultations
Tarot Card Readings to answer your questions

Gregory Oed

Thai Massage - Experience True Relaxation
Patricia Lott - Community Acupuncture

Patrica Lott

Patricia Lott, licensed acupuncturist Acupuncture on a sliding scale $20-$40 in a community treatment space
Mason Lord - Shadow Verse

Mason Lord

Stretch Yourself! with yoga T-shirts, Hats, and beautiful photographic art
Barbara Morris Mandala

Breathwork and Integrative Breathing

Barbara Morris shows you a way to trigger experiences of deeper consciousness that can open you to self awareness and spiritual understanding