Beth Graham

Hi, I’m Beth. A car accident in 1987 and a ruptured cervical disc is the gift that brought me to yoga. I teach both in the Iyengar tradition and Vinyasa flow. You will learn how to get the most out of the asanas (poses) with proper alignment to strengthen the body and move towards greater flexibility. Along with pain relief the other benefits of yoga I’ve enjoyed from my practice are less stress and weight loss. I’ll enjoy sharing with you the lessons on the mat that I’ve learned and how they translated to creating a wonderful life!

Rachel Graham

Hi, I'm Rachel and I teach a Vinyasa flow. Instead of rushing to an end goal, we'll enjoy the practice together as I encourage you to challenge yourself while building strength. You will defy your limits and gain flexibility while finding ease and power in your practice. I also incorporate Alexander Technique so you'll leave feeling open and free. In my practice I have been challenged and have continued to gain strength and flexibility that has complemented my dance training. It also has allowed me to create a positive mindset towards everything in life.